Millennials are ready to change the world and we're playing our part states Balance Xperia

Balance Xperia has always worked alongside talented millennials and is confident that when given the right guidance, millennials can and will change the business world for the better.

Sheffield based marketing company Balance Xperia is dedicated to working with both small and large brands to expand and develop their businesses. The firm aims to create unique promotional campaigns focused primarily on customer engagement, whilst priding themselves on helping clients to “build their empire”.  The firm is speeding forward within the industry with plans to open new offices in key cities within the United Kingdom and provide their effective services nationwide in the near future. Balance Xperia credits its young workforce on their growth and impressive testimonials.

Balance Xperia was built around a core concept of encouraging young sales and marketing professionals to build a career through regular mentoring, helping them to avoid common drawbacks within the industry. The firm still holds true to this initial ethos by encouraging young entrepreneurs to direct their own careers, rapidly inspiring success and creating future leaders within the marketing industry. Managing Director, Jack Spencer states that “allowing staff to drive their own success with access to support and advice when required is the key to achievement within the sales and marketing sector the ”

Balance Xperia’s current workforce has been a leading strength in crushing the cultural stereotype of the ‘lazy millennial’. The firm prides itself on encouraging its staff to take on new challenges daily, solving issues and creating new and unique campaigns that are vital in attaining new clients and retaining customer loyalty.

Millenial leaders are often defined by their close relation to technology and subsequent opportunities that this provides a number of industries, particularly modern marketing. A recent study supports the success-focused mentality that Balance Xperia encourages within its workforce by providing evidence on the direct impact this has on a company. Millenial leaders are supporters of optimism and determination within the workplace, providing commitment to their company’s, a quality that Mr Spencer recognises as vital to any business that targets success.