Jack Spencer of Balance Xperia reveals his leadership foundations

Managing Director at Balance Xperia Jack Spencer recently revealed the foundations that have led him to success as a business leader and entrepreneur, confirming why ‘leading from the front’ is so important.

Sheffield-based business Balance Xperia is a fast-growing sales and direct marketing agency that specialises in creating and executing face-to-face marketing solutions for their clients’ specific requirements. The firm boasts a happy and unified work environment that is spearheaded by Managing Director Jack Spencer.

Despite being a fairly young entrepreneur, through the recent successes of Balance Xperia MD Jack Spencer has made a significant mark in the sales and marketing industry. This success has led to a leading sales and marketing publication interviewing the entrepreneur for their latest magazine issue.

In the feature, the young Managing Director shared his leadership foundations, giving an in-depth insight into his style of leadership. Jack Spencer revealed that his focus is to consistently develop himself while setting high standards so that his team can follow an example that is the best version of himself. His leadership style is to motivate, encourage and support his team to the best of his ability, while continually giving honest feedback to help individuals to improve and develop. The Managing Director treats each team member as an individual, and works to recognise the leadership style that works for them, so he can adapt to suit different needs.

Balance Xperia’s Managing Director believes as a leader taking charge and setting the pace is vital to success. The expectations set by a leader will determine how well the team function. Jack Spencer likes to set a pace and expectation that dictates a sense of urgency within the company, and a motivation to work with a high level of determination to be successful. The speed and expectations set by the leader will determine the productivity levels of the team.


Source: https://www.thebalance.com/leaders-set-expectations-examples-1918620