As part of a fast-paced, highly competitive industry, Balance Xperia is urging young sales and marketing professionals to keep stress at bay so that they can rise up the ranks and become future industry trailblazers.

Balance Xperia, a Sheffield based sales and marketing agency has this week been warning young business professionals about the perils of stress in the modern workplace.  With some of the UK’s biggest brands relying on Balance Xperia to optimise the customer experience, increase market share and improve customer retention, the agency is aware that without the right strategies in place its workforce could become overwhelmed and fall foul to stress. The agency has this week launched an investigation into how professionals can keep pressure in check so that they can perform to the best of their abilities.

During this investigation, Balance Xperia drew attention to research published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences from New York University, which found people are less able to adjust to changing threats when experiencing high levels of stress. Investigating how people respond to potential threats, researchers discovered that the more stressed a participant was, the less they were able to alter their perceptions and pick up on incoming danger. Balance Xperia believes this study has a genuine application to business; ‘every business professional needs to be able to foresee possible challenges, keep a cool head and have contingencies in place so that they can reach their goals no matter what they face. This research highlights how severe an impact stress can have on a person’s ability to not only reach their own professional goals but to steer others towards success.’ Outlines a spokesperson for Balance Xperia.

Furthermore, the agency highlights that feelings of stress have now been found to be contagious. A study published in the journal ‘Nature’, found that when a single mouse was exposed to mild levels of stress, this stress was then mirrored by a companion mouse, who had not experienced the stress directly. ‘While this research currently has limited applicability to humans, it does demonstrate how our feelings and attitudes have the potential to influence others’ Continued the spokesperson for the firm. ‘We believe based on these studies, that to abolish stress we need to continue our investment in company culture and focus on bringing people together in an environment where they can have fun and ensure their voices are heard. Our goal is to create a place where challenges are embraced rather than feared.’