Balance Xperia Speak Out on the Role a Great Mentor Plays in Success

Balance Xperia’s Managing Director, Jack Spencer, travelled to central London from their Sheffield Headquarters to take part in a vital project of a business mentor who had played a huge part in Mr Spencer’s business journey.

While in London, Mr Spencer ran through how having a mentor as a source of inspiration helped him personally through his journey and played a significant role in preparing the launch of his own company, Balance Xperia.

Managing Director, Jack Spencer is keen to give others the opportunities he had. As a result, dedicates a lot of his time to training and mentoring young professionals who have ambitions to become an entrepreneur.

As they envision their future creating opportunities for tomorrow’s entrepreneurs, Balance Xperia understand that seldom are great things accomplished alone. Success often comes hands in hands with getting the right kind of advice and support from people who have amassed successes in similar backgrounds. Like parents, teachers or university lecturers who often act as mentors in the earlier stages of people’s development, similarly, Balance Xperia believe that it is their duty to teach individuals the best way to succeed in the sales and marketing industry.

Balance Xperia state that a mentor can play a beneficial part in people’s professional development as it enables them to learn from someone who reached the position that they are currently aiming for.

A mentor will already have fore-knowledge of the struggles, pitfalls and conditions that must be passed to get beyond each hurdle. Instead of falling for the idea that a contact has to be like an ‘old boys network’, focus on finding the right mentor.

Balance Xperia recently outlined some of their key tips to finding the right mentor in order to build a successful career:

Find people who have walked the walk.

Balance Xperia believe that professionals should find a mentor who has real world experience in their desired field. A good mentor will share their own experience and help apply their own experiences to their mentee’s unique path.

Be bold but respectful.

Mentor relationships do form organically, but often people may need to take matters into their own hands. Balance Xperia urge their professionals to think about the people they admire and share qualities they value.

Find the person who will push back when necessary.

The firm believes that professionals should look for someone who can support and challenge them, not just agree with everything. Conversations that push people out of their comfort zone are a vital step in building a successful career.

Don’t forget mentorship should be a ‘pay-it-forward’ situation. Balance Xperia state that when entrepreneurs are fortunate enough to find success, then they should take the time to share their insight and experiences with others; no-one gets to where we are, alone.