Balance Xperia Sets Its Sights on Becoming Number One in the UK

At the beginning of 2018, Balance Xperia’s Managing Director Jack Spencer announced that he had big plans for the sales and marketing firm. In a recent statement, the Managing Director confirmed his mission to secure Balance Xperia the number one spot in the industry.

Based in Sheffield, Balance Xperia is a fast-growing sales and marketing agency specialising in face to face marketing solutions. Since it’s launch, the firm has experienced a constant demand for its services, with brands across the UK recognising the benefits of meeting potential customers in person to deliver truly unique brand experiences.

The firm has already voiced its desires to launch its services in new territories throughout the UK this year, in order to meet client demand. However, in his latest statement, Managing Director Jack Spencer revealed that he has been discussing how to take the firm to the top of its game, and shared his ultimate goal of securing Balance Xperia the number one spot within the UK outsourced sales and marketing industry.

While achieving this goal stands to dramatically increase Balance Xperia’s client portfolio and expand its national reach, focusing on such a significant goal is also set to have a profound impact on the firm’s workforce of ambitious young professionals.

‘We want to build a community of big thinkers, who understand that anything is possible with the right attitude. These discussions are driving positive action and helping our people to set bigger and better goals’ outlines Jack Spencer, Managing Director at Balance Xperia.

Balance Xperia plays a significant role in the development of young sales and marketing professionals, offering support, motivation and mentorship opportunities. Through this work, the firm has seen the positive impact accomplishing a significant professional goal has on a person’s attitude, confidence and long-term motivation. ‘A study by the University of California found that people who set themselves ambitious goals are happier and more satisfied than those that aim too low. We believe educating our workforce on this is the key to driving success in 2018’ concludes Mr. Spencer.