Balance Xperia reveal their top tips to combat “happy ears.”

Balance Xperia has recently altered its training practices to take into account the concept of “happy ears.” The term has been tossed around by sales veterans for years but has now been confirmed as real phenomena, supported by a range of data. Essentially, happy ears occur when salespeople hear what they want to hear and as such perceive a sales interaction as a sure thing when it is likely to fail. Recent research has demonstrated that while sales representatives can often get excited by an enthusiastic proposal, they often lead to a failed sale. The report suggested that when prospects respond to a demonstration or sales pitch in a way that seems too good to be true, it often is.

Consequently, Balance Xperia wants each of its contractors to go into the Christmas period knowing the key pointers to look out for during their sales cycle. The firm understands that each of its representatives wants to maximise their sales prospects and believe that an in-depth knowledge of the sales cycle will give representatives a better chance in the field.

The most important note to be taken from the research was prospects who provide a mix of negative and positive responses are more likely to buy. An inquisitive customer who is interested in every aspect of the product is more valuable than one who is far too complimentary. Positivity on the customer’s side is essential, but Balance Xperia want contractors to realise that this can be a pointer that someone won’t buy.

Balance Xperia is asking that its contractors show leadership in the field when they receive a mixed response, as these kinds of responses are likely to lead to a sale. It is a known fact that those inclined to buy will become more concerned not positive, as the pitch goes forward and as such the firm wants contractors to take charge and provide detailed answers at each stage of the process. With this in mind, the company is working with contractors as to how they can take command of the sales pitch when they are faced with adversity. The firm will be delving into the idea of demonstrating leadership in a pitch, in a workshop next week, but is keen this week for the sales representatives to focus on the key pointers that determine the success of a sales pitch.