Sales and marketing firm Balance Xperia believes that a good evening routine is critical for success within the business. Focusing on success for 2018, the company is hosting weekly workshops on how contractors can improve themselves professionally, hoping that this will increase their performance in the field.   

A key point that Balance Xperia wanted contractors to take away from the workshop was the idea that evening routine do not have to be complicated and extreme. In fact, the firm suggests contractors kept their routines simple but structured to maximise their effectiveness. The company is concentration on three key points: changing bad habits, eating healthy food and getting to bed early. 

Balance Xperia has outlined that the key to creating a good evening routine starts with changing bad habits. the managing director, Jack Spencer used examples of successful individuals and their routines to inspire his workforce. For instance, Carl Gustav Jung a leading psychologist highlighted the importance of eating a healthy dinner as a productive way of spending the evening. Balance Xperia used this example, suggesting contractors try and cut out bad foods and focus on treating their body correctly to establish a positive mindset for the next day.   

Another bad habit highlighted by Balance Xperia was the tendency for young professionals to go to sleep too late. The firm highlighted an eclectic range of successful individuals ranging from Elon Musk to Beethoven who shared this evening routine, often clocking off at 10 pm. The theory that an early bedtime and success correlate is supported by numerous studies, which Balance Xperia utilise to drive home the point that contractors should get 8 hours of sleep to hit the ground running the next day. “The high-energy nature of the sales and marketing industry means that a clear headspace and positivity are essential for success, two things that could be aided by a simple but effective evening routine.” Outlines the Managing Director.  

 Balance Xperia is urging its contractors to take on board the advice provided in the workshop in hopes that this will increase their performance. At the core of Balance Xperia is the idea that preparation is key to success, and the company firmly believes that this should begin the night before with a structured, simple but effective evening routine.