Balance Xperia ‘How We're Delivering the Formula to Happiness'

After the University of Portsmouth released what they have concluded to be the formula to happiness, sales, and marketing firm Balance Xperia was delighted to learn that the environment they have created for their workforce delivers on the key findings of the research.

Balance Xperia is an outsourced sales and marketing firm that translate their client’s goals and ambitions into a reality with their in-person marketing campaigns. By establishing the vision of their clients’ brand, Balance Xperia can work quickly to build brand awareness in any location; and with their personalised marketing approach, the firm ensures that the customer buying experience is a top priority while increasing the market share for their client.

Research from the University of Portsmouth looked into the factors that enable an individual to thrive in the workplace.  The study found that specific environmental variables result in workplace happiness and the chance to thrive, such as an opportunity, external support, challenges that can be overcome and trust.  Balance Xperia is pleased to share that they are delivering on these environmental factors that have been outlined in the research.  For example, the firm gives lucky individuals the opportunity to join their business development opportunity and part of the opportunity comes trust from the company for an individual to drive their progression and overcome challenges along the way.

The study defined the term ‘thriving’ as “feeling good about life and yourself and being good at something” (source: Balance Xperia states that their business development opportunity gives the individual that chance to thrive in both their personal life and their career. Balance Xperia is delighted to be able to meet with the formula for happiness, and the ingredients that make up this formula has driven the firm’s success and growth.

The personal characteristics found to drive happiness are all attributes the firm looks out for in recruits, including motivation, being proactive, optimistic, and adaptable. The company has seen for itself that people who have these characteristics are more prone to success and a positive outlook on their career. For those individuals who feel they have these characteristics and want to thrive in their careers, then they should contact the firm at to find out more about the firm’s business development opportunity.