The sales and marketing experts Balance Xperia have in a recent workshop discussed the importance of creating meaningful business relationships. The workshop delved into the psychology behind first meetings and explained why making good first impressions is essential in business. By hitting the ground running with a good first impression one can set the president for the rest of that relationship. Research suggests that the term “you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover” does not seem to apply to business where relationships and new opportunities can often be decided on first impressions. A harsh reality that Balance Xperia believe must be made clear to their contractors.  

This week they have focused their business development workshops on this topic, giving their contractors a crash course on “the art of building relationships in a short space of time”. They split the session into two halves the first focusing on body language and the second on verbal interactions. 

4 essential tips were given with regards to body language: 

Be open  

Smile with your eyes 

Use touch wisely  

Mirror their body language 

The second half focused on verbal interactions with Jack Spencer giving his 3 top tips for good things to say during a first interaction:  

Listen first speak later 

Ask open ended questions 

Speak in a positive manner  

Balance Xperia hope that their contractors will take on these tips, as they believe they are essential for professional growth but more importantly performance in the field. The ability to build a relationship with someone in a short space of time generates a trust between contractor and client that makes a sale more likely.  


Moving forward into 2018 Balance Xperia  believe that these tips will help their business thrive, as their contractors look to improve themselves and in turn help push the business forward.  


About Balance Xperia 


Balance Xperia are an event marketing firm who focus on direct sales to provide their clients with a guaranteed ROI. They offer bespoke marketing campaigns to their customers that are shaped around their needs. Through consultation, testing, launch and post launch analysis Balance Xperia provide a unique marketing experience guaranteed to give their clients positive results.