Balance Xperia discuss long-term thinking and its importance in business

With the new year approaching, Balance Xperia is keen to turn its contractor’s attention to the importance of long-term thinking, hoping the workforce can begin to put together their long-term goals for the next month and the coming year. Since its inception last year, Balance Xperia has always considered long-term goal setting as one of the essential skills contractors need to practice to succeed.

In previous interviews, the firm has been keen to point out how the freelance nature of its roles as sales contractors means its workforce is responsible for their own career paths and the rate at which they succeed. Unlike traditional work opportunities, in which goals and timetables are often set out by the company itself, Balance Xperia’s sales contractors are given total freedom as to how they shape their career. With this in mind, the firm is keen to continue its advisory role and provide contractors with the necessary advice and tips as to how they can plan out their goals and translate these into a practical plan for the year.

With Christmas and New Years ahead, the firm has sat down with each of contractor this week and begun to forge their long-term goals individually. The company wants each sales representative to have clear long-term goals set out for 2018 and believe now is the perfect time to gauge what they want from the following year. During these meetings, Balance Xperia has also set out its top tips for sticking to these goals. They are as follows:

1)    Keep them written and visible

The firm understands that people often lose sight of goals because they are not always reminded of them. The company wants each of its contractors to write out their goals on paper and digitally and make sure they are visible for the majority of the day. Whether this be stuck on the back of their toilet door, in the kitchen or at their desk at work, the firm is keen for its contractor’s goals to be visible so they can stay on the right path.

2)    Translate them effectively into your timetable

Balance Xperia recognise that goal setting is a natural process. However, making sure one achieves these goals can often be difficult. With this in mind, the firm is asking its workforce to think how their goals translate into their actions. With each of the steps they place in their timetables, Balance Xperia hope contractors question how these are linked to their long-term goals.

With these tips in mind, Balance Xperia is looking forward to starting the new year. The firm is confident that its force of young professionals will have an idea of the career path they want to take and believe this new found focus will help the firm grow.